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Workshops & Events

I teach workshops and am often a panelist for sex and relationship events. Attendees of my workshops learn powerful skills to improve their sex and dating lives.

Why Are People Into That?! Live Podcast Recording
7:30pm 7:30pm

Why Are People Into That?! Live Podcast Recording

From sexpert Tina Horn, the Pleasure Chest, and Acast comes a new live event to satisfy all your sexual curiosities! Every month, host Tina Horn welcomes a panel of kink connoisseurs, relationship experts, and sex geeks to explore a universe of fetishes, desires, and why people are into what they’re into in this live version of her popular podcast Why Are People Into That?! (YAPIT). Myisha will be on the panel for this live recording!

Educational, funny, and more than a little bit raunchy, this perfect date night includes bottomless refreshments and discounts on your sex toy shopping.

Tickets are $7 online/$10 at the door. Buy yours now!

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Women Against Trump: Brainstorm & Fundraiser
7:00pm 7:00pm

Women Against Trump: Brainstorm & Fundraiser

This public event is an opportunity to:

  • brainstorm responses & techniques to combat sexism (online & offline)
  • share information about organizations that are making great strides to protect, serve & elevate those who identify as women
  • create personal and community-wide action plans
  • fundraise for Planned Parenthood that is hellbent on creating accessible and comprehensive healthcare for women

To RSVP, sign up here.


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