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This is what people are saying about working with me as their sex and dating coach. ðŸ˜

Myisha brings patience and compassion to the discussion of the most intimate things. She is encouraging in the practice of a fulfilling sex practice and an empowering force for a personal journey of self discovery and intimate connection. With careful thought and careful observation Myisha creates a space of empowerment. -BW

I'm so grateful to have met Myisha! She is highly insightful, easy to talk to, and open-minded. Every relationship (as well as single folks) can benefit from a little unbiased, professional guidance. The best part is you feel like you're just chatting with a very wise friend. Highly recommend coaching with Myisha! -Diane D. via Yelp

The first time I tried dating online, I was forced into it - I wasn’t ready. The second time I tried, was with the help of Myisha. After our first conversation, I realized there was quite a long list of reasons why I was in my own way for finding a healthy, long-term relationship. Needless to say I had some work to do and Myisha was there to help me get past the insecurities I had about dating online. She helped me peel back layers with in-depth conversations and her thoughtful and patient energy made it easy for me to be relaxed and deeply honest with myself. Myisha speaks from experience. Her confidence and willingness to show vulnerability is where I felt most of her power. She listened to me and built tailored activities like visioning, self-portraits and a huge charge for self love which lead me to stepping deeper into my femininity and ultimately my power. THANK YOU MYISHA. -LC