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I teach workshops and am often a panelist offering sex tips to the audience. Attendees of my workshops learn powerful skills to improve their sex and dating lives.

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Creativity & Sexuality Webinar with Women Catalysts

This is event is for Women Catalyst members. For more information click here.

In this webinar, certified sex coach Myisha Battle will discuss the link between sex and creativity and why both are equally important to maintaining a healthy life and business. In her past life, Myisha lived in New York where she was a singer in a band and also the Director of Organizational Development for a cultural exchange nonprofit. She relied heavily on her creativity to both problem solve and express herself. She also became fascinated by the creative blockage that can occur from a stagnant sex life. After obtaining her Masters in Psychology and a certification in sex coaching, Myisha now helps her clients tap into their creative and sexual energy so that they can live more fulfilled and productive lives.

You will learn:

  • how to harness your sexuality and tap into your creativity
  • ways to identify when you are creatively stuck and how to unstick yourself
  • why connection to your sexuality plays an integral role in your professional life
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