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Certified Sex & Dating Coach

Myisha Battle is a certified sex & dating coach & feminist. She helps women, LGBTQ folks, couples & partners of all kinds live their best sexual lives.

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Who can benefit from working with a sex and dating coach?

My clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but they all want to make sex and their relationships a priority in their lives.

Sex and dating are often topics that go unexplored or are difficult to talk about because we just weren't taught to do so early in life. As a sex and dating coach, it’s my job to help! My clients are ready to gain the skills they were never taught and improve their lives. If this sounds like you, know that coaching with me can help you: 

  • Gain communication skills to work through a sexual issue or misalignment with a partner so you can be on the same page more often about what you like and when and how you want to have sex.

  • Set up an online dating profile that reflects and attracts who you really want in your life and spend more time with people you are actually interested in!

  • Receive tools and home assignments that will deepen and enhance your sexual experience alone or with partners.

  • Find a community that aligns with your sexual desires and needs and connect with others who want what you want.

  • Get the support you need through life transitions (break-ups, childbirth, hormone therapy, divorce, opening your relationship, etc.) so that you can have a truly fulfilling sex life again.


How sex and dating coaching is done

My coaching style is honest, straight-forward and process-oriented. We work together to clarify what specific changes you'd like to experience and build reasonable and actionable plans to help you make these a reality. As a feminist I aim for outcomes that are empowering and egalitarian for all parties regardless of gender expression.

I am also focused on helping you find solutions that work for you (not anyone else). I do not have a set of pre-determined steps that I walk all my clients through because I know each person is unique. That means that I work with you to co-create strategies that you can feel good about implementing right away!

Sex and dating coaching can be done in a number of different settings including in-person in San Francisco, via video chat or phone. 

My practice is talk-only. All assignments given to you will be your responsibility to complete on your own, outside of the coaching session.


What my clients have to say

Myisha focused her perspective on my situation in such a clear, useful, and supportive way and offered me wise insight into what is happening in my relationship. With her help, I can see a clear path to what change may serve me best and I feel empowered to be honest with myself and my partner. It is so comforting to have my feelings understood and verbalized so well- she explained what was going on for me better than I myself have been able to. For me, being coached by Myisha was a practical and enjoyable way to examine difficulties with my lover and I am so grateful for her help! -Mariah B.

I loved working with Myisha. She was gentle but clear in helping me see the blocks and fears that I had around sexuality. She held me as my higher self the entire time, which I really appreciated, and shared helpful tools that created subtle but transformative shifts in my life and relationship to my own sexuality. I feel way more confident in my body and pleasure.  -Giovanna G.

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