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5 Ways to Have Your Sexiest Summer Ever

Whether you’re single or partnered, summer is THE BEST time to explore your feisty side and have amazing sex. Why? It’s hot out which means it’s easier to get in touch with our most primal nature. We get to spend more time outdoors and summer holidays give us the chance to unplug ourselves and tune into each other.

The recent kick-off of summer inspires us all to bare more skin, stay out later and get into a little trouble. If you’ve been contemplating how to have the sexiest summer ever and live out your wild thoughts like Rihanna, then here are some ways to make sure you make the most of your time with your summer bae.

1.Travel to a Romantic Location


Travel is an amazing way to jumpstart your summer sex vibes. Those of you who are single get the benefit of traveling to a place where no one knows you (or can judge you) so you can get into whatever kind of trouble you want.

Travel is also great for couples because it breaks the routine of life and activates a sense of newness and adventure. You don't have to travel far to make an impact either. Try getting away for the day or the weekend, just make sure you do something new and fun together!

2. Be Naked More


Strip yourself of your Puritanical roots and get comfy with your hot, naked bod. In this heat it’s not just sexy, it’s practical. All joking aside, we don’t spend enough time naked by ourselves or with other people.

You can start small and just be more naked at home, but if you’re feeling extra spicy, try going to a spa that’s clothing optional solo or with your boo thang. Seeing others naked is great too!

3. Have a Threesome


If you’ve landed a hottie for the season, it could be fun to capitalize on all the energy of your newfound fling by having a threesome. Those in couples might also appreciate mixing things up by adding a new person to your sex life for night or repeat appearances.

If you feel awkward about asking someone to have a threesome with you (or asking to be a third), there’s an app for that.

4. Bring in the Toys


Sex toys are a fantastic way to spice up any sexual encounter. If you have a toy you love, try incorporating it into your romps. If you’ve never purchased a sex toy before, the summer is the perfect season to let your curiosity run wild.

A field trip to your local pleasure products boutique is also a super sexy date!

5. Role Play


Sometimes it’s fun to pretend that you’re an heiress named Coco and you have a sexy assistant who does your every bidding. Sometimes it’s cool to pretend that you’ve never met your partner before and then meet up at a prearranged location to act out a secret fantasy that you create together. Just a couple of suggestions...You’re welcome.

Summer basically means sexy times. With the above to get you started, you’re well on your way to creating summer memories that will warm you up during colder times of the year. Good luck creating your sexiest summer ever!

If you could use some help getting started on your sexy summer, contact me for sex and dating coaching today.

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