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Why It's So Hard to Talk About Sex

I recently wrote a piece for the World Association of Sex Coaches about why not talking about sex is not the answer to having better, healthier sex lives. In it, I explain why most of our sexual education, both formal and informal is 1) focused on the wrong things, 2) leaves a lot of guess work up to us, and 3) expects the very best results from us under these less than adequate conditions. All of this sets us up to feel ill-equipped when it comes to addressing our sexual wants and needs. Read the full article here.

Also, if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area this Sunday, September 18th, I am hosting a Sex Talk Ice Breaker where everyone can submit sex questions for me to answer in person. This event is an attempt to combat the the stigma against expressing curiosity about sex and will provide a forum for attendees to practice talking about sex with others! 

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