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Down for Whatever: The Vagina Dialogues

I have focused on female sexual health because through my studies of human sexuality I know that women are historically underrepresented in data. Recently, my concern for female sexual wellbeing has ramped up. There's a lot of new research out that points to general female sexual dissatisfaction and no real signs of that changing. It is important for me as a coach to look at why this is happening for women. What factors are keeping them from experiencing sexual pleasure and enjoyment? A lot of times, the answer is related to silence.

We don't talk enough about female pleasure and we certainly we don't talk about the connection between the pressures to be beautiful and obedient with the lack of sexual empowerment women feel every day. This stuff is important to me. When conceptualizing a feminist project with a close friend of mine we talked about how on an individual level we could help normalize the conversation about what it means to inhabit a female body by talking more openly about our experiences with whomever would listen, especially men. That means that I now talk about my period more often, how I'm feeling on a particular day and why. It means that I talk about why certain types of male behavior scares me and makes me feel unsafe. There is power in talking.

Thinking about how I could expand my reach, I decided to dedicate an entire episode of my podcast to discussing the vagina: what it is, what it isn't, what it does and how it changes. I wanted to do this show because women and men continue to be deprived of information about female bodies. We are virtually silent when it comes to discussing the place where almost all of us came from, the anatomy that makes a person female at birth. It is crucial that we bring our attention to vaginas, to understand them better and to respect what they do for us everyday. 

With that, I give you the Vagina Dialogues.