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New Year, New You?

So new year, new you? I personally believe it's a way better use of time to focus on being the same you, but just add a bit more of the good stuff. 

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Sex Coaching: Why I Became A Sex Coach

"What made you want to become a sex coach?" Suffice it to say it has been a long ass journey of defining what is important to me and focusing on how that could possibly result in income. I truly want to help people have better sex and that has been a part of me since middle school, believe it or not.

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Down for Whatever: The Vagina Dialogues

I decided to dedicate an entire episode of the podcast to discussing the vagina: what it is, what it isn't, what it does and how it changes. I wanted to do this show because women and men continue to be deprived of information about female bodies.

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Shine: Rad American Women A-Z

What does this have to do with sex? To me, the recognition of women, their valuable contributions and their unique place in history has everything to do with how we are sexually with one another. 

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