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This page is for you. I have been complimented on my ability to say the right thing, so I want to help you do the same. Use my words, edit them to your liking, and leave a tip if they work!

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Initiating a date

You met IRL: Hey, it was great meeting you last night. I would love to meet up some time and [get a drink/dinner/coffee/tea or any activity you want to invite them to] if you're interested.

You met/matched online: It seems like we might have a lot in common. Want to meet up for [a drink/dinner/coffee/tea] to see?

You met through mutuals: So cool to meet another one of [mutual friend's name]'s awesome friends! Let me know if you ever want to hang one-on-one sometime.

Telling someone you don't want to see them again

After the first date: Thank you so much for the other night. I had a good time, but I don't think we're a good match romantically. I really hope you find your person!

After a bunch of dates: It has been great getting to know you these past [weeks, months]. I've given it a lot of though and I don't see us working long-term which is really what I'm looking for.

Asking for what you want sexually

When the other person doesn't do the thing you like:

  • You know what I'd really like? I really like [position, technique, sensation]. Is that something you'd want to do?
  • Let's try [position, technique, sensation] sometime if you're up for it.
  • Are you open to [position, technique, sensation]?

When the other person does something you don't like: That doesn't work for me. Here [guide hand, body part etc.], this does.