Better sex. Better life.

About Me

Hi! I’m Myisha Battle and I launched Sex for Life, LLC, which is home to my sex and dating coaching practice and my sex-positive podcast Down for Whatever. I started my practice with the intention of helping people have more fulfilling and exciting sex lives. This is the work I was meant to do.

Photo by  Michael Leviton

Sex and dating have been the focus of my life's work since middle school when I was a peer counsellor and my fellow classmates would pull me out of class to talk about their bourgeoning sex and dating lives.  In high school I volunteered at my hometown's one HIV/AIDS clinic and asked the Executive Director how I could have his job one day. Taking a cue from him, I started college as a Psychology student but quickly changed my major to Health Education at San Francisco State University. Feeling this was a better fit for my interests, I focused on sexual health.

I studied abroad at the University of Amsterdam where I received a certificate in Gender & Sexuality and a whole new perspective on sex.  In 2012, after years of working in the non-profit world I decided I needed to venture out on my own. I returned to my studies of Psychology and received my Masters from The New School in New York City. After that, I received sex coach training from Sex Coach University and am now a certified member of the World Association of Sex Coaching

I am a feminist who believes that each person I work with deserves my individual attention and that there are as many ways to improve sexual experiences as there are humans. I also believe in addressing sexual issues holistically, with a focus on natural methods of healing and a respect for each person's unique abilities. I remain deeply connected to my public health roots and I am a member of the Holistic Women's Network in San Francisco.